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Web Casting

The Internet is slowly unshackling us, and the latest entrant to do so, is streaming and broadband. The power of the media is only intensifying with this new technology and although slow and steady - the certain rise of streaming and broadband has been fueled by the need for companies to be one step ahead of the competition. Simply put, content delivery equals commerce. Irrespective of location, media access and large data delivery of video, audio, web casting, live entertainment, corporate conferencing and news, will soon be the norm of everyday lives. The technology however, is still being explored and possibilities enormous. Still in its infancy, the impact that the technology will have has not been determined nor can be. But the general opinion is that it will be revolutionary. Come and explore the next dimension of web interactivity with us.

MAKLER expertise with streaming media technologies and applications will ensure a successful streaming media component to any Web application. We are happy to lend our expertise in rich-media production and streaming technologies to your web strategies.
Whether your goals are new media training development, new media marketing development or advanced applications development, MAKLER brings an unparalleled expertise to your streaming media projects limited only by your imagination.

Webcasting - MAKLER will broadcast your event to the Internet or your corporate Intranet. Confluent Technologies will strategically integrate your webcasting event into your existing web presence. We focus on making your webcast interactive allowing you a range of possibilities for delivering superior streaming presentations.

Content Creation - MAKLER will execute your vision from concept development to deployment. Media creation includes film/video, animation, audio/music, graphics, and any other type of media required to produce your content.

Media Asset Management and Delivery - We have years of experience working with a vast array of media types. We have the expertise to take your existing content and re-structure and optimize it for the Web. We offer services from digitization and optimization to cataloging and storage solutions.

Hosting - Hosting streaming media requires different hosting resourses from hosting traditional web pages. MAKLER will expertly handle all your streaming media requirements to allow you to expertly serve multimedia from your website.

Backend Server Solutions - MAKLER will take care of your backend programming needs to allow you to easily manage your media database.

Project Management and Consultation - Delivering rich-media over the Internet can be filled with difficult choices, and MAKLER will help you accomplish your goals. Our experienced team members and partners have the resources necessary to help execute your online strategy.