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MAKLER can provide your company with various multimedia solutions to help meet your needs. From custom media presentations to CD-based company and product demo discs.

Our multimedia services could set your company apart from your competition. You can include videos (digital or VHS), audio over photographs or text, brochures, sales literature, catalogs, PowerPoint presentations - the options are almost limitless.

Contact information goes beyond just name, company, address, phone and Fax numbers. Now you will have "hot links" to your Website and e-mail addresses. And you are not limited to the number of addresses. Everyone can be included, or offer multiple departments, such as sales, customer service, technical support, etceteras.

We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective solutions to your marketing, training and other communication needs. We can do everything for you (storyboard, script, video shooting, professional voice-over, web site development and maintenance, output conversion to various formats, etceteras) or take your completed components and edit them to your precise specifications and desired formats.

Additionally, if you would like to add a single component to your communication offerings, such as video streaming from your Website or converting an existing CD or video to DVD, we are happy to work with you on these projects, as well.

Your entire product catalog can be put on a CD or DVD for a fraction of the cost to print them. And, even better, they will mail to your customers and prospects for under 2 ounces. Your CD or DVD can be searchable by headings or product groups and can link directly to your Website and e-mails. Prices can be kept on your Website for real time changes, such as price increases and sales. Open your CD catalog with a message from your President or a video of your production or distribution facility. Set yourself apart from your competition.

When you look for a company to produce your multimedia content (Web, CD-ROM, DVD, video or audio), what is your most important criteria?

You are seeking someone who can match your vision with results. Sure, you want them to be technically competent and offer good designs. But more importantly, you want someone who truly listens. Someone that will take your ideas, combined with a focused understanding of your basic business, and transform all of this into an exciting presentation

We are just such a company. Whether your company is across the street or across the country, we provide state-of-the-art technology to meet your expectations.