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Many web design companies charge an incongruous amount of money for designing sites, basing their rates on a "price per page" format. Basically they are giving estimates for completing a work, without even considering what exactly is needed for your specific project. In our opinion, that is completely unprofessional.

This might cause many people to try and reduce their web site to the smallest number of pages possible. Most often, this results in a less than top quality web site.

MAKLER Web Site Development does not have set prices for any of our work. We believe that every site is completely different and deserves to be treated that way, rather than put into a pre-formed mold. We look at each site individually in order to give an estimate and we encourage all of our clients to include everything they truly want in their site, without having to worry about sky-high prices.

Why build a website?

Compelling reasons for building an Internet web presence:

6.9 MILLION AUSTRALIAN ADULTS: Yes, they accessed the Internet in 2000, with 1.3 million purchasing online (Australian Bureau of Statistics). What will be the figure in two years time?

MAXIMISE YOUR PROFITS AND LOWER YOUR MARKETING COSTS: Brochures are expensive to produce and costly to update. This applies to newspaper advertising - make your dollars work for you by directing clients to your website as well.

SHOWCASE YOUR WORK DYNAMICALLY AND WIN MORE BUSINESS: Display photos of your best projects - using before and after shots to highlight your talents. This approach will help you to win contracts over your competitors.

YOUR WEBSITE WORKS FOR YOU 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK: Potential clients can browse or buy your services at their leisure and contact you via e-mail.

INCREASE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Pricing structures can be outlined, cutting down time spent quoting on the phone. Your terms and conditions are efficiently explained.

POTENTIAL CLIENTS ARE QUALIFIED PROSPECTS WHEN THEY CONTACT YOU: No pressure and the client is reassured - they have already seen the quality of your work.

AFFORDABILITY - PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED & BUILT: As your business needs expand, we advise you on the various marketing opportunities available. Please be aware, that to make your website work for you, you need the services of a professional web design and marketing company.

OBTAIN MARKET SHARE before your competitors in your demographic market. They may be already competing successfully online.

ONLINE PROMOTIONS: Can be successfully tied in with offline advertising - think one page sites or "splash" screens.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: Your customers are vital to your business - keep in touch with them.

AFFORDABILITY: A web presence is very affordable, but the design has to allow the site to work for your business.

SELL YOUR GOODS ONLINE: Open up new markets or export. There are good e-commerce packages available as well as custom solutions. We can advise on the best solution for your business. Please note that a clunky, self-built look-a-like template solution that is currently offered in the marketplace will not lead to worthwhile sales (would you trust your credit details to a site like that?) and may damage your company image or reputation.

ONLINE BROCHURES: Print is expensive and so are delivery costs. Put out a simple one-page flyer leading to your website. Changes may be made more cost-effectively.

COMPANY INFORMATION: All those frequent company questions asked by consumers can be answered online.

SALESPEOPLE: Stay in touch with them as they work from any location.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: Gain valuable customer feedback - have promotions online as an enticement. Fine-tune products or services online - find out what works with your customers before implementing offline.

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES: Launch new products online and pre-test your market.

PRESS RELEASES: Put out press releases online - far cheaper and more efficient than using "snail" mail. Journalists prefer this method as they can "cut and paste" quotes directly.

ONLINE MARKETING TECHNIQUES: Make use of specialised marketing techniques such as viral e-mail (think Hotmail), and regular newsletters to your customers, informing them of new products or special offers.