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Social and Business Event videotaping since 1992.

Our videography will meet your needs for your memorable events forever, weddings, anniversairies, eisteddfods and debutante balls. Our reputation is known for producing memories that become more precious as the years go by.

BUSINESS videography for conventions, seminars, workshops, and training videos. Our rates are reasonable, our service is personal.

As you shop for a company for converting video tape to streaming video for the Internet or your corporate Intranet, or for conversion to AVI, MPEG, or QuickTime on CD, price alone should be only one of the factors you consider. Getting outstanding video quality, customer support, and gaining maximum value from your investment should be your goal. As you've already seen on the Net, there are huge differences in the quality of the audio and video in rich media presentations. These differences are due to the quality of equipment being used during the production process, the conversion procedures used, and the experience of the producer who is providing the streaming video conversion services.

Whilst the opportunities for the video entrepreneur are becoming ever more plentiful, the skill-set required to create quality video content is becoming greater and greater. In the world of video production - knowledge is power - and the only true way to keep abreast of business opportunities and creative possibilities is to continually invest in our skills.

Video has many benefits as a communication medium. One of the main benefits is that people are familiar with television, and the vast majority of businesses and households have access to the technology to watch a video programme - be it on a TV screen, a CDROM presentation or streamed from a website. Video will also deliver a consistent message, which is particularly important when delivering training or instructional information.
Video is also a dynamic medium, and can help create and enforce your company image. It is especially useful when you want to demonstrate products or events that are not easy to show your clients in normal circumstances - such as the operation of large plant or machinery, medical procedures, repetitive sales presentations, high-risk experiments or one-off situations.

Video is also very easy to update, and can be readily incorporated into interactive productions, live presentations
and, more recently, as part of your company website experience.