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As we're seeing happen on the Internet, companies are migrating from a text only published site to a compelling media rich environment by including streaming video on their Intranets as well. Integrating your existing video assets onto your Intranet can not only extend their usefulness, but also yield cost savings as well. The applications for streaming video over an Intranet which we're seeing our clients use are varied. Some of the most common uses for rich media are ones which yield immediate cost savings such as:

  • bringing training materials directly to the desktop

  • dramatically reducing the cost of attending meetings and seminars by bringing the meeting directly to the desktop

  • seamless integration with company newsletters, announcements and HR materials

We'd welcome the opportunity to discuss how archiving your company's existing video assets for on-demand access over your Intranet can yield immediate cost savings and greater productivity. Whether we're talking about a few short video clips or hundreds of hours of archived video, we can provide your company with streaming video conversion services for a fraction of the cost of converting in-house.

We provide you with a cost-effective and reliable means to enhance your marketing and sales efforts and distribute your information to a large or small audience.

Webcasting can help you to facilitate:

  • Product Launches

  • Quarterly Earnings Announcements

  • Press Conferences

  • Employee Meetings

  • Sales Presentations

  • Online Conferences and Tradeshows

And more to extend your audience reach, increase your return on investment and spend less.


People with access to higher bandwidth connections are able to stream higher quality video.