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Multimedia Presentations


PowerPoint presentations can typically look like “efx in a can”. We can make your next PowerPoint presentation have impact that you need. By integrating other multimedia tools (such as Flash, Director, and QuickTime) with a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, MAKLER will leave your audience spellbound.

We can create high impact multimedia presentations instantly. Your multimedia presentations excite and engage your audience to deliver unmatched results.

Using online multimedia presentations, you can experience dramatic increases in response rates, over 300% in many cases, while drastically reducing the creative time and marketing costs, engage your custmers and promote sales.

Is your sales team still using power point graphics in your presentations? If so, it's time to customize your presentation materials. We can take the content of your presentation and place it in a professionally designed interface that is guaranteed to make your presentation the one your potential customer remembers.

Multimedia: Both educating and entertaining, multimedia grabs your customers’ attention, delivers a compelling message, and presents a professional image. There is absolutely no better way to make a memorable impression than with a multimedia message.

With interactive CD-ROMs, you have the ability to take your presentation with you wherever you go. Nothing leaves an impression like interactive CDs. Whether you are on a sales call or going to a trade show, interactive CD is more effective, affordable, and easier to produce than traditional marketing materials.