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Interactive CD

With Interactive CD-ROM, you have the ability to take your presentation with you wherever you go. Nothing leaves an impression like Intaractive CD. Whether you are on a sales call or going to a trade show, Interactive CDs are more effective, affordable, and easier to produce than traditional marketing materials.

CD ROMs are an excellent way to promote you or your organization. Portable and relatively inexpensive to reproduce, they allow an end user to experience your presentation at their leisure. Virtual tours, resumes, product demonstrations, are suited to this type of format. CD's can be sold in a gift shop, or handed out like a business card. MAKLER has all the tools and experience to produce a distinctive CD Rom for your organization.

Areas for CD-ROM use include:

- Training
Effective training is vital to the growth of your company. We will assist you developing training and ongoing educational materials that really enable your employees to grow with your company.

- Sales Presentations
What a great way to promote a new product or your entire catalog of products. Your final program can be used as a "leave behind", played back in your sales booth at a tradeshow or mailed to prospective client - for much less than a traditional print catalog! We will work with you to develop the ideal solution for your marketing needs.

For applications with less memory requirement the CD represents excellent value for catalogues, software samplers, promotional mailings, interactive training and corporate presentations. The CD-ROM is an ideal way to incorporate interactive media across video clips, animations and other graphic resources. We also have the capacity of producing enhanced CD-ROM programmes which incorporate computer based information including PDF files, databases and web links.