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Domain Name Registration

You can register your desired domain name directly from this page with the most trusted Domain Name Registrar – MelbourneIT on their prices ( Price List ).
You can use the search boxes bellow to check availability & when ready with your choice, by ticking the domain name you want & clicking on ( Add to basket ), you can start the registration procedure. Please, report to us any problems you may have registering.
.name - Make a name for yourself
.us - Register Now

* when checking availability for .us domain names, you have to use the drop-down menu to select .us.

If you use a domain name, it needs to be hosted by a server. We offer a full range of hosting options through Australian companies.

Australian Domains
com.au - (Commercial)
gov.au - (Government)
edu.au - (Educational)
asn.au - (Associations)
net.au - (Non-commercial)
org.au - (Other organisations)

Other Domains
com, net, org, info, biz etc

We can register your Domain name (www.yourname.com.au) and arrange hosting. Or, if you can accept a web address of say: www.ozemail.com.au/~yourname then most ISP's provide space of no charge. We can check AVAILABILITY of domain names for you.

Domain name hosting costs are not necessary if you accept your ISP's free web space offer, e.g.: www.ozemail.com.au/~yourname
We can register www.yourname.com.au for just the registry price - e.g.: